4.5.2016. – #Streetzburg interview with Oliver D.

It´s time for the 1.#Streetzburg interview! Some of the Streetzburgreaders mentioned, that they would like to know more about the people that I photograph, I was lucky that I met Oliver D., who was up for a short interview. Find out who he is, what he does and what he thinks about luxembourgish streetstyle in … More 4.5.2016. – #Streetzburg interview with Oliver D.

23.04.2016 – Luxembourg-City – Mäertchen

This Saturday afternoon I went to the Mäertchen (taking place until 1. May on the occasion of the annual Octave) at “Knuedler” and “Gëlle Fra”. The weather was unseasonably cold. The Mäertchen visitors were mostly rocking their streetstyles in groups – I´ve spotted the most stylish ones for you. Have fun with my selection! This … More 23.04.2016 – Luxembourg-City – Mäertchen

2.04.2016 – Details – Luxembourg-City – Place d´Armes

This Saturday the streets were packed with stylish people. I thought it would be fun to concentrate on the details of their outfits. So I sat around at the Place d´Armes and shot some streetstyles. I was amazed by the multitudes of styles that I caught with my camera and I´m excited to present you … More 2.04.2016 – Details – Luxembourg-City – Place d´Armes

3.3.2016 – Luxembourg-City – Raylwaystation-District

In the raylwaystation-district I mostly spotted the casual-sporty look. The weather was bad, really grey and sad. The district was filled with grumpy and stressed people, who were mostly dressed practical. However I was able to find some streetstyle-heroes, who didn´t let the miserable weather put down their fashionmood.     This fellow is wearing … More 3.3.2016 – Luxembourg-City – Raylwaystation-District

3.11.2015 – Luxembourg-City – Grande-Rue

In the Grande-Rue, the center for shopaholics in Luxembourg, a couple of people caught my attention with their unique streetstyles. Since we are in the winter season, I mostly caught dark tones und fur-jackets (whether they´re fake or real) with my camera. Nevertheless the looks had an individual & fashioanable touch: the raffinesse of the … More 3.11.2015 – Luxembourg-City – Grande-Rue